Sunday, February 10, 2019

Weekend update: it lives and runs!

After connecting all the bits, Stu pressed the start button and nothing happened ;(.  So that unhappy event started a small bit of problem solving which led to finding one disconnected wire (neutral indicator).   Once connected, we tried again and it started and ran beautifully!

Stu then checked the regulator voltage.  Weeks ago, due to a failure of the regulator, he had installed a new one.  At the time, the new one was showing voltage that was too high.   Aware of the wiring harness issues, he postponed figuring out the regulator issue until he replaced the harnesses.

Fast forward to yesterday...the bike runs great but shows 15 volts at the regulator, the right answer is 14.5.  He swapped out another regulator to make sure the “new” regulator was the issue, rather than the wiring.   The other regulator shows the “new” regulator has to be removed.

He is now on a mission to find a new regulator.   Nothing is simple with this beloved motorcycle :)

I can’t upload a video but trust me when I tell you it sounded marvelous when it started up.

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