Sunday, April 8, 2018

April Route 66 bike ride...April 6-7

Earlier in the week, Stu went through our 1976 Honda Gold Wing from stem to stern.  Part of the work was to swap in a Comstar rim (and tubeless tire) for the original gold anodized rear spoke wheel (and tube tire).

Photo is mid-swap. 

Friday we drove from our home to scenic Needles, California.  Hotter than Hades almost...97.

Saturday, the Vintage Japanese Bike club gathered in Topock before setting out for the ride through the hills to Oatman, Az, then on to Kingman Az for lunch.   We stopped at the Route 66 museum in Kingman for the Tour El Grande, had lunch, then back to the motel in Needles.   Since it was over 100 in Needles, with the usual Mohave Desert 25-40 mph winds, we headed home that afternoon.   We got home at 10:30 pm Saturday night...over 650 miles in two days on a 42 year old machine.   Pretty good for us old folks :)


  1. That sure does look like fun. So free! I know a guy in town, he's my age and his wife is 10 years older. They go on a trip every Friday. I'm not a motorcycle person, just never was exposed to them. But it sure looks like a great hobby.

  2. When Stu and I were first dating, we went through trying lots of different hobbies before we found something we both liked :). For sure, motorcycling is far more dangerous than car driving but he spends lots of effort and time to stay trained and alert for the car folks out to run over us. He thinks it is closer to flying in terms of physical and mental effort, probably why we have been safe so far.

  3. It's especially fun because you are going to so many interesting places. My wife and I talk about buying some kind of motor home and doing that, but we have so many animals we can't get away for more than a day or so. I can take the ferrets and Rufus the dog with us, but the chickens, cats, and big dogs would have to stay home.