Sunday, October 28, 2018

And finally home Sunday by 1:00

And the weekend draws to a close. Trip was just short of 600 miles.  Lucy picked up at the jail and dutifully submitted to the unfortunate welcome home shower.

Photos from the hotel this am, packing and admiring the views.

Ride to Laughlin and back

Assorted photos of the ride to Laughlin, including the National wildlife refuge and washed out roads. Final few photos are from the Saturday night dinner.

But first, lunch!  One Cinnabon has 1,000 calories, so we split it. Wow are they good!

Now for scenery:

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday sunrise

A few photos to start the day.   Plan is to drive up to Laughlin for lunch.  We shall see ;)

Friday night dinner time

Had dinner with Bob and Gail.  Ran into Shirley and Benny as well.

Moonrise over the water;)

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday arrival at Lake Havasu

We left Phoenix about 9 and arrived here in Lake Havasu at 2:30.  One break for gas and water and one break for lunch.  Trip was perfect, very little wind most of the time and great temps.

Photo of Stu getting ready.

Miscellaneous photos from the hotel.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oct 26-28 Lake Havasu prep starts

Another weekend, another motorcycle ride :). And for some unexplainable reason, the weather forecast shows mild wind and perfect temperatures...

This weekend is an Arizona GWRRA Honda Gold Wing rally in Lake Havasu, Az.  We went last year, Stu gave a technical seminar...he was still working.  Now he is a carefree retiree and has no seminar planned.  I am sure that a few of the 300 expected attendees will have a question or two.

Lucy heads into the penitentiary at 7 am, we should be on the road by 9.  Four hour drive there, plus lunch and gas stop.  Nothing planned tomorrow night other than catching up with friends.

Bike this weekend is the Triumph again.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Vegas to home

Early morning here in Vegas.  Still showing super windy on the ride home through Kingman.

Here is a photo from last night’s dinner with George and Glenda.  Nice evening, 36 years since we saw each other.  

Update 3 pm:  the trip home was much better than expected.  Winds,while probably 30 mph from Vegas through Kingman, were manageable since they were steady.  No 50 mph gusts!   Temps were a bit cool through there, lowest we saw was 51 but that is pretty nippy when there is a lot of wind and we were going 65.  

Got home about 2, sprang Lucy from the penitentiary and promptly took her into the shower since she smelled like a dog.  Then again, when I dropped her off there on Friday, the dogs there, as they greeted her, probably thought she smelled like humans. :)

Bike is put away for now, our next trip is towards the end of the month to the Mohave Desert for another chance at gale force winds.